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Children and Family Supports - Evaluation & Assessment

Boost Collaborative provides, at no cost to families, Evaluation and Assessments of children birth to three for parents who have concerns about their child's development. This service does NOT require a doctor's order or insurance. If parents choose to have their child assessed, they are NOT obligated to use recommended services.

Once a parent request this service (OR a doctor submits a referral,) Boost Collaborative is obligated to schedule an intake appointment within a 45-day timeframe. The intake appointment may be in-person or virtual. The Support Services team gathers information about your child through parent report, observation of the child while playing and doing daily tasks, and using formal assessments completed by qualified providers. The team is able to gather an in-depth look at your child’s development to determine their needs. This formal process is provided by a team of early intervention professionals working with your child and their parents or guardian. Copies of the development assessment and observations are shared with parents, typically in a written report format.

For more information, or to schedule an intake appointment call Boost Collaborative.


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  • Whitman County
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  • Early Childhood (Birth to Age 5)
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  • People With Disabilities
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