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Your true Self is the part of you that is connected to all that is—the part of you that is also part of the Universe; your individual spark of the Divine; your higher Self; your Spirit. Experiences and conditions in your human journey can create barriers to being able to see, feel and know your Divine goodness. Healing the overlay of your story and connecting to your higher Self moves you toward freedom and enables you to bring your unique Divine light and love to the world.

A Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) has been described by many as a profoundly transformational experience. Using hypnosis, an LBL offers you the opportunity to experience the spiritual realm and to connect with your higher Self and your Spirit Guide(s). You may also connect with other souls in the spiritual realm and in your soul group, be reminded of your purpose, your life lessons, the script that you chose for this incarnation, see other incarnations/lifetimes that you have had, and get guidance and healing from higher spiritual entities.

  • Initial appointment, PLR and LBL-$1,070
  • Initial appointment and LBL - $815
  • Return/Subsequent LBL - $645

A Past Life Regression (PLR) can shift the energetic and karmic influences on your current life circumstances. In a PLR, using hypnosis, you will journey to the past life that is most relevant to the current issue or challenges that you are experiencing. As you experience this past life first hand, you experience all of the sensations and emotions associated with it. This first hand experience has the potential to dramatically shift your feelings about your current life and your current issues. For those interested in a Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression, it is highly recommended that you first experience a PLR. More explanation about this recommendation can be found on the FAQ page.


  • Initial appointment and PLR - $425
  • Return/Subsequent PLR - $255


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