Community Child Care Center








At Community Child Care Center our staff are committed to providing children:

High Quality Staff:

We employ highly educated staff who demonstrate a natural ability to work well with young children and their families. We actively recruit staff with degrees in early education. We provide structured staff development to address individual and programmatic needs through educational opportunities, mentoring, and teamwork.

Social-Emotional Growth Opportunities:

We foster each child’s social-emotional growth through the awareness of self and community. We value classrooms that nurture self-expression, adaptability, respect, caring, and empathy.
Learning Experiences:

We facilitate each child’s learning by understanding development and appropriate practices. Highly qualified staff provide individualized attention; exciting, fun and academically challenging activities; and opportunities to develop school readiness skills.
Family Partnerships:

We foster partnerships with families based on mutual respect and trust. We provide education and support to empower parents in their role in their child’s development.

High quality Environments:

We create high quality environments for children, parents, and staff that build a sense of community which is safe, diverse, and acknowledges the individual.

Community Partnerships:

We operate within a network of agencies and link children and families to outside resources. We identify community needs throughout Whitman County and respond by providing services or fostering program development within the community. Parents and external community professionals provide program oversight by serving on our executive board.


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